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Werewolf is one of the monsters seen on the whiteboard. It is bet on by Finance.

Appearance and characteristicsEdit

The werewolf is a creature that is part wolf, part human.


The werewolf is the first monster Dana and Marty see in the glass rooms.

During the System Purge, the werewolf is in the first wave of monsters where it kills two of the guards, one of them is killed instantly when the werewolf jumps and slashes at him and eats from the other and then howls. Amongst the chaos in the Facility, the Werewolf attacks a worker.

Later in the sacrifical room, Dana is attacked by the werewolf, but Marty manages to shoot it, chasing it away.

The item in the basement designated for summoning the Werewolf is an amulet.


Werewolves are folkloric creatures that appear in many stories and films over the years. Famous film and liturature examples include The Wolf Man, An American Werewolf In London, The Howling, Dog Soldiers, and Wolf.


  • The Werewolf is performed by Richard Cetrone (who also performed the Merman).


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