CITW - twins
The Twins are one of the monsters kept in the Facility. Though seen on the whiteboard, nobody bets on them. 

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

They are two identical sisters, dressed exactly the same. Nothing else is entirely known about them.

They are seen in one of the many elevator chambers during Marty and Dana's descent into the facility. Later during the Purge , they can also be seen in one of the monitors slowly following someone that has been set on fire. They themselves may have been the ones who set the person on fire (indicating a possible pyrokinetic ability between the two sisters) or it may have been done by the Jack O'Lantern.

A pair of stuffed animals summons them. 


A pair of stuffed animals can be seen when Dana first observes the cellar in light.


They appear to be a tribute to the creepy Grady twin girls from the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of The Shining. They may also be a tribute to Firestarter, being that they chase a man who is on fire that they might have set themselves.

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