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Closer view.

The undead war monger
The Undead War Monger
is one of the monsters kept in the Facility. He is not listed on the whiteboard. He is briefly seen during the System Purge.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

He apppears to be a pale humanoid creature with an almost undead face. The left side of his face has no flesh or skin on it, showing his left eye socket and part of his lower jaw bone. He has something that resembles a plated glove or gauntlet on his left arm and a smaller one on his right arm, he appears to have claws on the ends of his left fingers. He wears a necklace of some kind on his neck, has a belt of some sort around his waist, and he wears a loincloth. He is seen wielding a pipe. There is another monster seen in the behind the scenes video "An Army of Nightmares" that resembles him in appearance. It is currently unknown what that creature is called and what relation, if any, it has to this monster. He closely resembles the Savage with Hatchet in appearance.


He is seen during the Purge attacking a worker with his club just before an unknown monster wearing a brown trench coat, possibly either a Deadite or a Reaver, throws a worker over the railing to the Giant Snake.


It may have been based on the trope of some horror films where a soldier, warrior, or a figure of history, returns from the dead, such as House from 1986.