The Scarecrow Folk
are one of the monsters seen on the whiteboard. The DNA Archives bet on them.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

They are shown as clothed humanoid creatures made out of wood and straw.

After the Purge, they are seen assaulting the control room. They are shown attacking Daniel Truman by holding him down on the floor, stabbing him repeatedly. After sometime, they are obliterated by a grenade that Daniel Truman detonated while they were stabbing him which ended up killing every one of them.

It is possible that a scarecrow head or a pitchfork summons them.


Scarecrows are a common antagonist in horror movies; examples include: Night of the Scarecrow,Scarecrows, Husk , Scarecrow Gone Wild, Hollow Ground, The Goosebumps stories The Scarecrows Walk At Midnight, The Doctor Who episodes Human Nature and Family of Blood, Dark Harvest, and The Town that Dreaded Sundown and Scarecrow from Batman