The reptilian

The Reptilian is a monster kept in the Facility. It is listed on the whiteboard as Reptilius.

It is briefly seen in a behind the scenes video An Army of Nightmares. It is seen only in a deleted scene.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

As its name implies, the Reptilian is a humanoid-like reptilian creature. It closely resembles the Reptilius in appearance in many ways, but is slightly different in many way such as:

  • The Reptilian's snout is slightly longer than the Reptilius' snout.
  • The Reptilian has a slimmer body build.
  • The Reptilian has four fingers on each hand instead of three.
  • The Reptilian has slightly different coloration on its head.
  • The spines on its back look different from the spines on the Reptilius' back.

As revealed by a behind the scenes video, the Reptilian was shown during the System Purge in a deleted scene here it is seen chasing Facility workers down a hallway.


The Reptilian is possibly inspired by the giant lizard movies of the 50s and 60s, including but not limited to Godzilla, The Giant Gila Monster, Reptilicus and The Beast from 50,000 Fathoms.