The Doctors Are In

The Doctors are one of the monsters on the whiteboard. They are bet on by the Accounting Department.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Doctors appear to be undead humanoid creatures with flayed, bloody faces wearing white doctor scrubs and aprons, both splattered with blood and covered with crude stitches. Their caps and surgical masks are also stitched directly to their skin, and their eyes are sewn shut.


They are first seen in the elevator scene on the bottom right. The second time they are in a glass cube on a computer monitor before Dana Polk releases them during the Purge. The last time they are seen is in a quick camera view preparing to perform surgery on a worker strapped to a table, who begs them "Please don't cut!" One of the doctors is seen holding up a bloody scalpel before the camera cuts away.

The Doctors were also among the monsters on display at Halloween Horror Nights 23 at Universal Studios Florida in 2013.


Cinema has a long history of using the "Evil Doctor" trope with notable examples being Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Frankenstein. However, the film clearly references more modern examples, such as Dr. GigglesThe Human Centipede, House On Haunted Hillor The Dead Pit, which share the common theme of featuring evil doctors who perform cruel and deadly experiments on living people, having little to no supernatural or science fiction elements to them. The film Jacob's Ladder also includes a nightmare scene featuring an eyeless surgeon.