The Seaweed Creature is one of the monsters seen in The Cabin in the Woods Visual Companion. Little is known about this monster and only a piece of concept art of it is known to exist. It is unknown if it appears in the movie.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

As its name implies, the Seaweed Creature is a monster whose entire body, except its arms and legs, is covered in seaweed. The seaweed on its body appears to be glowing. It appears to be humanoid in form and, judging by what skin can be seen, has black skin. It has five fingers that appear end in claws on each of its hands. It is unknown what this monster's face and the rest of its body looks like due to the seaweed covering it.

It is unknown what item in the cellar summons this monster.


IMG 5416

It bears a resemblance to the "creature" from the 1961 film Creature from the Haunted Sea along with other sea and lake dwelling creatures in horror films and literature.