The Scorpion Stinger Woman is a monster that only appeared in the novelization for the film. She appears only in the 'Elevator Scene' chunk of the book.

Physical Description and AttributesEdit

As her name implies, the Scorpion Stinger Woman is described as a young woman, maybe 20 to 30 years of age, who has a venomous scorpion stinger tail sprouting from the small of her back. She was most certainly released during the System Purge.


It's hard to say what inspired it, but the Horror\Sci-Fi film series "Species" has a monster very similar as it is a monster that takes the form of a woman who kills and absorbs it's victims with scorpion appendages including a tail. This monster may also be a visual pun on the term "Scorpion Woman" which is a term meaning to describe a snappy or unpleasant woman.

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