The woman seen killing herself to while two men hold a door closed to prevent the the reaver from getting in.


A Reaver from Firefly

The Reaver 
are monsters that are kept in the Facility. They are not listed on the whiteboard. They were released during the Purge.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

The Reaver are ruthless, cannibalistic humans. They are shown as non-normal looking humans. They are known for their fits of rage, during which they mutilate themselves by peeling off pieces of their own skin and shoving pieces of metal into their flesh, and their almost animal-like behavior. They are shown wearing ragged clothing.

During their appearance during the Purge, a woman can be seen on a monitor shooting herself in order to escape the Reaver while two men hold the door shut in order to prevent them from entering the room. This is a direct homage to a scene in the Firefly film Serenity where a woman tried and failed to do the same thing to prevent being captured by the Reaver.


They are a direct reference to the Reavers in Firefly who rape, torture, murder, skin, and eat (though not always in that order) their victims.