The Pterodactyls are monsters that kept in the Facility. They are not listed on the whiteboard. It is unknown if they appear in the film. They only appear, as revealed by Kristen Connolly who played Dana Polk, in a deleted scene where they chase Dana during the Purge.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

As their names imply, the Pterodactyls are reptiles with long, leathery wings and a long, sharp beak on their faces. They are closely related to dinosaurs. 

They are mentioned by Kristen Connolly during an interview. She revealed that 2 of them appear in a deleted scene where they chase her character during the Purge. It is currently unknown if the Pterodactyls actually appear in the film.


Pterodactyls are flying prehistoric dinosaurs that may have been carnivores. Many stories tell about living dinosaurs that may have survived extinction. Alleged living dinosaurs are typically based on interpretations of regional folklore, alleged eyewitness sightings, legends, unverified physical evidence (like footprints), and works oftraditional art that supposedly depict dinosaurs. A famous example is Journey to the Center of the Earth.

It is possible, due to the scrapped chase scene, that the Pterodactyls are a homage to the Pteranodons in Jurassic Park III.

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