Prince Of Darkness

Prince of Darkness

The Prince of Darkness is one of the monsters kept in the Facility. He is not listed on the whiteboard. He is in the film, but he is never seen. He is briefly seen as a mask for one of the finished monster suits in the behind the scenes video An Army of Nightmares.

Physical  Description & AttributesEdit

He resembles the Vampires in appearance, but is slightly different from them. His skin is pale with a slight purplish tint to it. His eyes are sunken into his head. His large eyes are completely yellow and the center of the eyes are black. His skin in shriveled and wrinkly. Just like the Old Man, the skin on his face is shriveled and allows the internal structure of his face and skull to be seen under his skin. He has pointy ears on the sides of his head. His head is bald. Some people say that he is called the Dark Vampire or the Vampire, but it is unknown.

He is briefly seen as a mask for one of the finished monster suits that were ready for filming in the behind the scenes video "An Army of Nightmares: Make-Up and Animatronic Effects".


The Prince of Darkness may be a reference to Nosferatu or even Ozzy Osbourne as his nickname is of course "The Prince of Darkness".

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