The Phantom is one of the monsters kept in the Facility.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

It is depicted as a creature that closely resembles a ghost that has it's entire body surrounded by a strange, purple fog or mist. A visible rib cage and what appears to be a spine can be seen through the mist, implying that its body is nothing more than a skeleton. Two blue eyes, that appear to be sunken back, can be seen on its face. Its face is skeletal with a purplish color to it and there appears to be shriveled flesh on it. No visible arms and legs can be seen through the mist. It appears to be hovering or levitating above the ground.

It is unknown what item in the cellar would have summoned this monster.


While it is unknown what inspired this monster, it may be a reference to eyewitness accounts of phantoms in abandoned houses. It is also possible that it may be a reference to the Banshee.