The Pale Serpent is a monster seen in its cube cell. It does not appear on The Whiteboard and is not shown during the purge.
Picture 9

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

It is a pale pink or orange serpent. It may be some form of giant earthworm or snake, though it is hard to tell. It is shown in its cube snapping at its own tail, possibly indicating that it may have a head at both ends of its body. Its cube appears to have a mist or steam inside of it, indicating that it might prefer or require a moist environment, like an amphibian or earthworm.


While it is unknown what inspired this monster, it bears a striking resemblance to the Mongolian Death Worm in appearance. The mongolian death worm is a creature reported to inhabit the deserts in Mongolia and is described as a very long, pale red worm or serpent which can fire acid and electrocute it victims, although it's unknown if the Pale Serpent can do anything similar. However, it's name is plausibly also an allusion to horror movie, The Lair of White Worm.