Four mutants attacking a Facility worker.

Mutants are a group of monsters kept in The Facility. They're one of the monsters listed on the whiteboard with the Demolition Department betting on their release.

Physical Description + AbilitiesEdit

The Mutants appear as heavily disfigured humans, all wearing bright orange Hazmat suits with black rubber gloves. Their flesh is covered with what appear to be chemical burns or radiation scars, and what little hair they have is scraggly and tinged green.

Their behavior is similar to that of the Zombies, chasing after the human workers in packs. But instead of eating them, they vomit a thick green sludge from their mouths into the faces of their victims, possibly to convert them into more mutants or to simply melt their faces via acid.


They are first seen in their cube cell waiting to be released.

Then they're seen during the Purge on a monitor as three of them hold a victim down while another vomits a thick greenish ichor into their captive's mouth. Later, the Mutant in Hospital Gown, who was waiting in the cube cell with the other Mutants, attempts to kill Marty before being shot in the head.

In the novelization, the Mutants take the place of the Zombies during the first wave of the purge.


They are a reference to generic mutants in film such as the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes, the Mountain Men in Wrong Turn, and the mutants from Chernobyl Diaries. They bear similar characteristics, however, to the Rage Virus based zombies such as the ones from 28 Days Later, Signal and the ones infected with the the Sicko Virus from Planet Terror. Some infected within the Left 4 Dead universe also wear contamination suits simmilar to these. The alien slug-controlled undead from Slither also had a corrosive spit they would use on their victims.