The Male Hell Lord Minion

The Male Hell Lord Minion is one of the monsters in the Facility and is one of the minions of Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain. 


He is depicted as a bald man with his face partly covered with grim clothing and also has the same supernatural powers of Fornicus as he is also able to summon lengths of chain to rend his victims and is a cenobite just like him.

It is clearly obvious that he was released along with Fornicus at the second wave of the purge and can be seen holding a vague-structured weapon which had blood on it which clearly indicates that he had killed someone already. He can be seen with Fornicus beside two Facility workers chained together upside down, where he is seen holding his vague-structured weapon and then coldy staring at the 2 victims that are about to be tortured by them.

The Male Hell Lord Minion and Fornicus preparing to torture their victims.


He is a direct reference to the cenobites of the Hellraiser series. As cenobites are described to be mutilated humans with supernatural powers, he does not seem to look mutilated unless or maybe his face clothing is removed.

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