AccountingAlien BeastAlien Creature
American Slow-Walking Creepy GirlAngry Molesting TreeArchives
Balding MenaceBeretta Px4 StormBig Gorilla Wolf Motherfucker
BoomerBullhead PhantomCharacters
ChargerChemical DepartmentClowns
Coffee Mug BongCow Skull GiantCrack-Skinned Lava People
Creature with Patterned Segments of Armor on its HeadCreeping ShadowCthulhu Creature
Curt VaughanCyclopsDNA Archives
Dana PolkDaniel TrumanDark Spirit
Dismemberment GoblinsDog with an Alligator HeadDolls
DragonbatElectricalElevator Guard
Evil ChildrenExploding Shard BabiesFace Peeler
Facility WorkersFather BucknerFemale Hell Lord Minion
Fire-Mouthed WomanFish ManFloating Leech Creature
Flock of Killer BirdsForce FieldFornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain
Four Legged Saddle CreatureFreddy KruegerGarden Gnome Boy
Gary SittersonGhostGiant
Giant Alien Beast CreatureGiant AlligatorGiant Ant
Giant ApeGiant CatGiant Centipedes
Giant CrowGiant DeersGiant Ferrets
Giant Floating HeadGiant InsectsGiant Lizard
Giant MillipedeGiant OwlGiant Rabbit
Giant SnakeGiant TarantulaGiant Toad
Giant WomanGladiator DemonGod
GorillaHadleyHolden McCrea
HunterHusband&WifeInternal Logistics
JackJack O'LanternJapanese Floaty Girl
Judah BucknerJules LoudenKevin
Killer RobotKitchen StaffKu Klux Klan
MaintenanceMale Hell Lord MinionMan in Transparent Tarp
Man with Steaming Pipes in his ChestMarty MikalskiMatthew Buckner
Mecha ScorpionMermanMinotaur
MonkeyMonster ItemsMonsters
MordecaiMother BucknerMummy
Mutant girlMutant in Hospital GownMutants
OgrePale SerpentPatience Buckner
PhantomPlotPool, anyone?
Prince Of DarknessPterodactylsPuffy Tentacle Creature
Pumpkin HeadRabid DogsReaver
ReptiliusResearch and DevelopmentRonald the Intern
SasquatchSavage with HatchetScorpion Stinger Woman
Seaweed CreatureSecurity ForceSecurity force
Sexy WitchesShark Like CreatureSlimey Horned Cloak Creature
SmokerSnowmanSteve Hadley
Story DepartmentSugarplum FairySystem Purge
TankTentacle ThingThe Alien
The Ancient OnesThe BeastThe Blob
The BrideThe Buckner FamilyThe Butch
The CabinThe Cabin in the WoodsThe Cabin in the Woods Wiki
The DirectorThe DoctorsThe Exterminator
The ExtraterrestrialThe FacilityThe Humanoid
The HunterThe HuronThe Kraken
The MagicianThe Old ManThe Organization
The PirateThe ReanimatedThe Red Fiend
The ReptilianThe RitualThe Scarecrow Folk
The SuffocatorsThe SurgeonThe Undead War Monger
The VikingThe WitchcrafterThing
Vampire ManVampire WomanVampire Women
VampiresVicious ManWendy Lin
WerewolfWitch (Left 4 Dead)Witches

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