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"Japanese Floaty Girl" (later revealed to be named "Kiko") is a monster shown to be in use by the Japan branch of The Organization as part of their version of the ritual to appease The Ancient Ones. Where the American branch purposefully invokes Western Horror cliches, this monster is shown to represent J-Horror cliches, manifesting as a Japanese girl with unkempt black hair and a white dress to represent an Onryō.
CITW - floaty girl

The "floaty girl" being defeated by the japanese school girls performing a ritual.

She appears to be set loose within a school in Kyoto to target a class of nine year old girls. At first she seems to succeed in frightening them but she ends up being defeated by the smart class performing a ritual song that transforms it into a frog.

After the ritual, the girls celebrate and exclaim (in Japanese) "The evil has been defeated. Now Kiko's spirit will live in the happy frog!" It was later revealed there were no fatalities. This angers Gary Sitterson who watches them on his monitor. 

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

She appears to be a stringy haired little girl in a ragged white gown, who floats around and screeches in a menacing manner. Her means of attack are never shown, an

Behind the scenes of the Japanese Floaty Girl.

d are most likely ineffective since none of the children in the classroom were killed in the Japanese ritual.


The monster is based on a piece of Japanese folklore called Yūrei, which are evil spirits originating from people who have been murdered or have committed suicide. They are not granted a peaceful afterlife and haunt people because of it.

Examples of this monster include Sadako of "The Ring" movie and Kayako of "The Grudge" (Ju-On).