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CITW - giant snake

Giant Snake after eating a man.

The Giant Snake is one of the monsters on the whiteboard. Internal Logistics bets on it.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Giant Snake appears to be a mixture of cobra, rattlesnake and anaconda/python, but substantially larger proportions.

It is possible that a snake skin summons it.



Giant Snake in System Purge

It is first seen thrashing about in its cube, trying to get out. It is released during the System Purge during the first wave. It wraps its body around one soldier and squeezes him to death while swallowing another soldier whole, all within a matter of moments.

The second wave of security guards catches a glimpse of the Giant Snake leaving the elevator area with the Dismemberment Goblins. The snake later eats a man who is flung over a railing by one of the Deadites, catching him in its mouth before he hits the ground.



The Giant Snake leaving the Elevator Lobby with the Dismemberment Goblins.

While there have been many examples of "giant monster" snakes in horror films, the most iconic and infamous is the one popularized by the film Anaconda and its sequels. Other films with giant snakes or killer snakes include Python, Mega Snake and Snakes on a Plane to name a few.

Giant snakes also appear in some video games, such as the Yawn or Iluzija from the Resident Evil series. The Giant Snake trope may be based in a common phobia known as ophidiophobia.

This particular Giant Snake may also be a reference to the final form taken by the protagonist in the movie Dreamscape.

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