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Fairytale Giant

The giant in its cube.

The Giant is a monster seen on the whiteboard and in the Cabin in the Woods DVD extras. The Zoology Department bets on him.

Physical Description and AppearancesEdit

While the Giant is not seen during the Purge, the DVD extras reveal that he is a classic folk-lore style giant; a fairly normal looking but obviously primitive human, so tall it is forced to hunch over inside the box. He carries a large club.

There is also a second giant, seen but not mentioned in the film: A near perfect imitation of the giant woman from the classic movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

In the script, the Giant takes the place of the Angry Molesting Tree; instead of the tree grabbing a guard and pulling him into the elevator, it is described as "a giant hand."


Giants are present in almost every civilization, one of the oldest references being Greek mythology. There are perhaps most common in Norse mythology. In terms of horror films and folklore, giants are in many tales, such as Land of the Giants, Troll Hunter, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Wrath of Paul Bunyan.

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