The Goblins with body parts of their victims.

The Dismemberment Goblins are one of the monsters within The Facility. While they're on the whiteboard, they are not bet on.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Dismemberment Goblins are a pair of demonic goblins of immense strength despite their diminutive stature. The red goblin has a devil-like appearance and wings, allowing it to fly while the green goblin is a shorter, hairier and stubbier creature without wings and has shackles around its neck and wrists. As their name explicitly states, they operate primarily by tearing their victims apart limb from limb. They're often recognized by their trademark maniacal laughter which can heard all throughout their appearances during the System Purge.

It is possible that either a toy chest or a comic book summons them.


The green goblin appears on the 8th mini monitor on the bottom middle, before Truman spotted Dana and Marty in Camera 3606.

The Goblins are seen escaping the elevator during the first wave of the Purge, where they grab a guard and pull him apart from the waist, throwing the upper half of the guard at the camera. They are later seen on one of monitors taking a golf cart for a joy ride, with the green one holding the head of a facility worker in its hand.


They are conceptually similar to the malicious creatures of the Gremlins franchise and the goblins of Labyrinth, though they bear more resemblance to the titular creatures of Ghoulies, Creeps, Hobgoblins, Critters and Troll.