Creature with patterned segments of armor on its head
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The Creature with Patterned Segments of Armor on its Head is a monster kept in the Facility. It is not listed on the whiteboard. It is seen many times on the monitors in the control room  when Hadley and Sitterson are searching the cube prisons for Dana Polk and Marty Mikalski and later in its glass cube on one of the East Elevator Bank monitors in the guard station before Dana Polk released it during the Purge .

Later on during the Purge , the creature can be seen on one of the monitors Wendy Lin is watching as Truman passes her, where it is seen eating a worker's intestines.

Appearance and Characteristics Edit

The creature resembles the Troll and the green Dismemberment Goblin in appearance, but has a head that appears to have segments of armor plating with a pattern on each one around its head (possibly some kind of helmet). It appears to have a pointy knob or horn on top of its head. The pattern on each of the segments resembles Asian writing. There appears to be tusk-like projections on the sides of its head. It also appears to have a shell or armor plating on its back (possibly a suit of armor) and armor plating on its arms.

Unlike the other captive monsters and creatures in the Facility, the creature is not thrashing about and banging on the walls of its cube, but waiting to be released and just occasionally glancing around its cube.

It is possible that a medieval sword summons it.


Though it is unknown what the creature is based off of, it is quite possible due to the Asian writing-like pattern on its head and the armor plating on its arms that it is a homage to the Kappa, a turtle-like troll of Japanese folklore, hence its resemblance to the Troll, though it is also even more possible that it is a homage to the Orc.