Clown in cell

The clown in its cube prison.

Clowns are one of the monsters on the whiteboard. Electric bet on them.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Though the whiteboard says "Clowns", only one clown is seen, at the end of the film. He has no unusual physical features, bearing the stereotypical appearance of a clown: poofy red hair, red nose, colorful makeup, and baggy, multi-colored clothes with frilly trim. He dispatches of victims by stabbing them with a long, curved knife while giggling and laughing hysterically. Earlier in the film, when told that that Electrical had placed their bet, Hadley stated "Did you see who they picked? They're practically giving their money away." This seems to suggest that the Clowns are rarely ever summoned to the Cabin.


Before the Purge, he is first seen in his glass cube.

During the Purge, he is seen mocking Hadley from one of the monitors. Later he is seen stabbing an employee of the facility in the stomach, before turning to face a female security guard. The guard shot the clown three times in the chest, only for the clown to shrug off the shots and attack her, presumably killing her.

Drew Goddard has said that the fortune teller machine in the basement is used to summon him/them.

The Cabin in the Woods attraction at Universal Studios during Halloween features a clown monster called Jack, as well as a Clown.


The "Evil Clown" is a classic horror trope which stems from the common real-life fear of clowns, or Coulrophobia, as well as the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Other famous fictional examples include:

[1], Jack Attack from Demonic Toys, among many others.


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