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The Angry Molesting Tree attack security at the start of the Purge.

The Angry Molesting Tree is one of the monsters on the whiteboard. The Wranglers bet on it.

Physical DescriptionEdit

It is depicted as a leafless, moving tree. By its name, it could be inferred that it sexually assaults its victims as well.

It is possible that a jar of tree sap summons it.


It is released during the Purge and can be seen grabbing a guard and dragging him into the elevator. The elevator then spews out blood from the entrance, showing that the Tree aggressively killed the guard in an unseen manner. It is then seen later on a monitor using its roots to drag an unconscious worker offscreen.


This monster is likely a reference to The Evil Dead, where a woman is attacked and raped by possessed trees.

Other films with notably aggressive trees include:   

Or in The Nurse, , a movie by William Friedkin.


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.14.27 PM

AMT on the right.

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