Alien creature

A photo of the Alien Creature.

The Alien Creature is one of the monsters seen in The Cabin in the Woods Visual Companion.

Little is known about this monster other than its physical appearance and only a piece of concept art of it is known to exist. It is unknown if it appears in the film.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

It is depicted as a bipedal creature that is greyish in color and has an odd shaped head. It shown that it has two or more segmented tails. Its head is large, compared to the rest of it body, and crescent shaped. There appears to be two eyes on each side of its head. Its mouth is somewhat small compared to its head and appears to be full of sharp teeth. 

Instead of skin, the creature appears to be covered in an exoskeleton that is grey in color. Its body is slim, allowing it to be, judging by the concept art, quite agile and flexible. Its arms are long and slender. It has four fingers that end in claws on each of its hands. It legs are long and somewhat muscular. It has only two toes that end in claws on each of its feet. 

It is unknown what item in the cellar would summon this monster.

Inspiration Edit

It is most likely a reference to the fully-matured Xenomorph from the Alien franchise much like the Alien Beast and The Alien are.